To us, success means being part of a creative conversation and above all crafting events that embody our clients' essence in all its art-fullness. Behind the green door at Campo Mártires da Pátria is where it all begins to unfold. Here is our Studio, or... as we like to call it in a Virginia-Woolf-kind-of-wit the room of our own. Seasons here pass more noticeably, the outward is inside (as the Azulejos tiles on the walls will have you feel) and the inward extends outside, each one conditioning the other. Conversation is always vivid, designs splayed on the workstations, swatches and pots of blooms, artwork connected to memory, and when the sun filters through the oak trees across the street, the rooms are flooded with soothing light. There's always something exciting coming in through the green door, a newly discovered heirloom piece, samples of hybrid flowers, boxes of tussore fabrics, or our couples visiting, so if you would like to schedule a visit to Portugal, we'd be delighted to have you. 


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Creating events that allow the meaning in our clients' lives to thrive permeates everything we do, and if there is one tenet to live by, for Sofia Nascimento Studios that is sheer-force, unequivocal, unrepentant personalization. New cultures, unexpected design, and remarkable venues fuel our inspiration. Our proudest moments are not only about design, but about how our clients feel at the aftereffect - when they walk into their venue transformed and experience something that resonatesaf and feels a bit like another world and entirely like them. Your wedding celebration deserves to be spot on. Charting a super-yacht for a pre-wedding party, arranging couture dresses for our brides and taking guests to a private fete means to constantly push boundaries. From our first inspiration boards to the last guest farewell, it is your vision we breathe life into. After all this what full-blown luxury celebration is all about! 


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Our vision stems from the willingness to embrace the present and all its infinite possibilities, to give an extra perspective on the place our clients occupy. To transform the transient into inclusive, the volatile into lasting, the evanescent into perpetual. For this, no two weddings by Sofia Nascimento Studios are alike. We delight in the possibility of creating an experience as unique as you are, to us: 


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Delighted and intrigued in equal measure, our approach means to cultivate every event and shape it as we go- the music, the seating, how things taste, smell and feel all there to surpass expectation and preserve memory. During this journey we work closely together, be it behind the scenes or right in the heart of the action with our clients not merely spectators, but along with us and constantly in the know. 

To this, we have partnered with Aisle Planner, a comprehensive set of event management tools and custom applications that will allow our clients to constantly stay updated on the logistical elements of their events. Including tactical checklists, vendor schedules, guest lists, budget, and so more, the Aisle Planner will ensure that no detail is spurned during the planning process!


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Sitting on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is so much more than Pin-worthy topography. Under the warm Portuguese sun and cool ocean waves, between palaces set above luscious woodlands and clifftop castles in stunningly latticed medieval towns there is a fine melding of culture and infectious, easy charm unfolding in all its unexpected diversity. From wine regions that were once home to Celts, Romans and Vikings, to Moorish blue and white ceramic-tile-facade architecture that blends traditional taste with contemporary innovation, Portugal has emerged as one of the most delectable havens for the design and food obsessed. 


Going off-piste is such an important part of the journey. What's in the pipeline? To gauge love's magnitude and power from our own but significant place. To create a moment of silence within the noise. To reaffirm every experience so that there's something to discover in every turn. Our boon? Our clients' worlds fulfilled, latticed with unfeigned beauty and unbridled freedom. 

Through the Looking Glass

Quietly unspoilt, Alentejo is dotted with cork forests, farms and tiny medieval towns where international creatives (the likes of Anselm Kiefer and Farida Khelfa and designers Messrs Christian Louboutin and Philippe Starck) have their weekend homes, while an 1.5h by car from Lisbon in Comporta comprised of 25 miles of blindingly white beach, visitors can stay in anything from luxe wooden beach huts to super-modern villas with views of its lush rice paddies and citrus groves. Visitors to Porto can indulge in the marvel of Douro valley's gentle rolling pampas-style plains, discovering the best riding in Europe and gallop on a moonlit ride up to the fortified hilltop village of Monsaraz. At Praia do Salto the sands stretch into the horizon, waves bounce against glossy rocks, to which clusters of mussels cling. Reigned over by flaming mimosa trees, almond blossoms and pine trees the days are filled with long swims in freshwater lakes and lunches of buttery prawns served with local flapjacks.

Hidden Gems

Portugal isn’t just custard tarts and sardines… but they’re important too, as Célia Pedroso author of Eat Portugal informs in her introduction of her acclaimed culinary edition. Smoked meats and cataplana, freshly baked bread, Piri piri, cheeses, crisp vinho verde (young wine), and velvety ports, Polvo à la Lagareiro (traditional Portuguese octopus), olives and piping-hot custard tarts; A place at the table means to experience the richness of Portugal’s bountiful coastline and fertile countryside. With Michelin-starred restaurants tucked in beside award-winning eateries, there are too many flavors to stay rooted in only one spot, and each time a drawn-out dinner turns to an all-nighter talking under the stars you'll know why we Portugese can easily forget the the throes of modern-day life in one thing that connects it all.  



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Good communication is just as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after. When you talk, we listen completely. We will be delighted to hear about your luxury wedding vision.

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