Is your fine chap going to snoot you down the aisle? Then paws up darlings, you are quite the characters! Have you assigned your pooch a formal role— ring bearer, flower dog, or as a guest of honor perhaps by naming one of your wedding cocktails after them? "Capital, Capital" ! You see, as utter pupper icons and verified noblesse, we breathe and bork everything coveted (and our certificates will have you convinced). Fear not, our extent of involvement in the wedding planning process is superintending, baronial to say the least, just to make sure every standard is kept high. When we do not discerningly attend Sofia's Skype calls, we like to follow our noses several times to Lapa, where arguably Lisbon's finest Paté de Fígado de Aves and glistening pans of Coelho à Vilão will leave you flooded with desire for Portuguese gastronomy. As for our expertise in wedding grooming, and rehearsal insights, you might wish to head over the Daily Muse as we have sniffed out the best canine etiquette to have your pup included in your nuptials. Now, ring the bell for our bacon, darlings! 

"You said there would be bacon?"

Louie & Charlotte

The Top Dogs

"Always cross your boundaries and do a bit more".

"Extra Mile" could very well be one of Marta Araújo's middle names. Why there are so many more to this Event planning wunderkind. Ferociously talented and insightful, Marta's background is in Fashion & Quality Control, and she'll pay attention to ALL of the parts in motion and won't get off the salt mines whether she has to sit or stand, working to bring forth the latest and most cultivated for our clients. From hues to timeline goodness, be it a seamlessly curated timeline and overviews, there is no end to her inexhaustible arte. Love everything romantic as any modern muse does? Turns out you are her type! 


You'd be hard-pressed to find a floral designer in Portugal better cultured at the art of drawing all the elements together than flower-guru Alice Mendes. Her floral creations would have kept Monet occupied for decades, but Alice won't hesitate to take the road less traveled to achieve the perfect result, pairing every stem to the wisp of a cloud and arch of a hill to recreate the sense of space and floral architecture our clients have envisioned. Her ongoing inspiration draws from the myriad of influences within Portugal and the world beyond, while one of her favorite moments is to watch new blooms arrive. "Trim, tuck & twine, repeat 'till it's perfect" {secateur sounds}

"Translate the elegant exuberance of luxury"

Alice Mendes - Head Floral Designer

What's on Sara's? Oh but a zillion ways to help our clients live a better life! Create room to celebrate their every victory! Host the most elevated, forever parties! Turn every shindig into a manifesto for joy and Love! There's nothing as vital to this multi-hyphen romantic soul than togetherness, keeping things simple, and making the best out of each day! She'll weave cross-constructive bonds with our couples, with inoculable ease and zip that flow into the room the moment she sets foot. She'll root for you, embrace your tenue, berth your every expectation, and make a true ritual out of your planning as if you were her daily dose of chocolate!

"The secrets to your success are determined by your daily agenda"


A firm believer that the effective execution of investment strategies requires an open mind and creativity, João Fonseca is a visionary whose insight and managerial gumption are fueled by determination. He will come up with comprehensive solutions in every production our close-knit team commits to. For João, creativity in the finance work is to bring order out of chaos. He provides our clients with toolkits to perceive better and eventually master the investment process, empowering them to break down their events' finances like professionals. He's our earthy fellow when it comes to numbers, a perfectionist at work, and an enthusiast of constant progress, new projects, and forward-thinking ideas.

"Wise decisions are based on knowledge, not numbers alone". 

João Fonseca - Asset Manager 

The Creators

About Us

La dolce vita, la belle vie, la buena vista, the good life -in different languages, cultures and events, were scantily Sofia's first preoccupation. Her early years were all about soul-full sea-food and Portuguese traditional dishes at her grandfather's restaurant in Mafra and Ericeira, where the first hospitality seeds were sown amidst roasting pots and Bacalhau à Cangalho served steaming off Portuguese ceramics. Belonging to something outside of the self imbued her sense of community at her father's venue and horse riding school, where Sofia stroke more than the right balance; positive (at the time) that horse-manure on your boots is hardly a sacrifice if you get to wake up to the sound of pounding hooves and can connect to a world in motion with swirls of dust and kicked up sands.

Oh, and her crush's equestrian sketches during Maths. Before and during the time she was studying PR & Business Communication, Sofia started off in the world of cultivated events. Holding two pivotal positions, one in Event Management and one in Hospitality F&B services, turned into one big learning curve. But it wasn't until she ventured off on her own that she really began to reassess the boundaries and expand them in ways that can impact. Today, following the success-story of her first brainchild My Fancy Wedding, a trailblazer for love-stories told over design, innovation, artful details and a relentless pursuit of pleasing, breezy gentleness, it was time to add more strings in her bow as the creative director and driving force behind her latest eponymous foray, Sofia Nascimento Studios. 

"If you are striving for perfection chocolate must always be present"

Sofia Nascimento - Creative Director & Founder

The founder

About Us

No one can whistle a symphony. It rather takes a whole orchestra to play and translate every emotion, minuet and stirring fermata. We pride ourselves on collective effort and have the most well-vetted creators each bringing a compelling vision and honest approach to their craft. 

Good communication is just as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after. When you talk, we listen completely. We will be delighted to hear about your luxury wedding vision.

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